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Person-Centered Methods and Analytics Lab is a University of Calgary research group that promotes evidence-based clinical and policy decisions through the development and application of innovative analytic methods that can reliably extract invaluable information from data. Our group is driven by the mission to

  1. advance statistical science through development of novel study design and analytical methodologies

  2. provide methodological and advisory support to research groups and organizations interested in using data to drive innovation and growth

  3. mentor trainees in the practice of biostatistics in multidisciplinary research settings

PCMA Lab in the News

PCMA trainee-led manuscript publication in Frontiers Neurology
Congratulations to Shakiru Alaka who is the lead author for a new publication that examined the predictive performance of machine learning and logistic regression models for predicting short-term functional outcomes in ischemic stroke patients. Click here for more details...

Dr Sajobi, Plenary Speaker at 2020 ISOQOL Annual Meeting
Congratulations to PCMA Director, Dr Sajobi, who will be one of the plenary speakers at the 2020 virtual conference of the International Society for Quality of Life in October 2020.

PCMA Trainees awarded the prestigious graduate scholarships 
Congratulations to PCMA Lab member, Meng Wang, for receiving the prestigious Alberta Innovates Graduate studentship valued for $30,000/year for three years. This studentship will support Meng's doctoral research investigating the integration of patient data with clinician expert knowledge to improve accurate diagnosis of dementia in individuals living with mild cognitive impairment.

Congratulations to PCMA lab member, Oluwaseyi Lawal, received the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Albert doctoral scholarship award for 2 years to support her research into method to identify heterogeneity in how different subgroups of individuals with heart disease respond differently to questions about their health and well-being. 

Dr Sajobi and team awarded the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Catalyst Grant
Dr Sajobi and team was awarded the CIHR catalyst grant to develop an electronic platform that administers patient-reported outcomes measures to individuals with heart disease and feed the aggregated information back to physicians to inform disease management. For more details, see 



  • Calgary Stroke Program

  • Brain & Mental Health Research Clinics

  • Calgary Epilepsy Program 

  • O'Brien Institute for Public Health Methods Hub

  • Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Lethbridge

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